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ADVANTI® is your one-stop solutions partner to all your hardware, software, networking, security and highend IT needs; we integrate all your resources into an impeccable system that will enhance your productivity, safety and collaborative efforts. Most importantly, our solutions emphasize on delivering you cost-effectiveness and affordability in all of your IT investments, as we believe that effective IT solutions don’t necessarily have to be expensive and necessitate heavy setup costs.

We believe that Information Technology lies at the heart of every successful business and is significant in attaining efficiency, management and growth. Sometimes the right combination of choices, brands, products and services can be the decisive factor between prosperity and merely surviving. Even more important is the consult and partnership with a universal provider to streamline all your requirements into a single network that you can control and implement with ease. This is what we do.


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Company Overview

ADVANTI Advanced Technologies International W.L.L. is a multidivisional company based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, founded and incorporated in 2006. Our expertise involves empowering businesses with high quality customized IT solutions, products and services. We attribute our success to the philosophy of maintaining long term relationships, built on trust and reliability, with our clients and partners worldwide.

Our extensive research & development determines the best options in the market and combines innovation that is integral to the needs of our clients.

We love challenges that seem imposing, difficult or even impossible. We believe that nothing has limits or boundaries in its scope of implementation, as long as it is preceded by ambitious planning and vigorous execution. Hence, our products and services have no ‘limits’.

We prefer to phase out existing methodology of operations in favour of new improvements and realization techniques. Hence, the products we strive to offer are based on ‘innovation’.

That is why we carry the slogan ‘limitless innovation.’



ADVANTI stands for Advanced Technologies International.

It summarizes the dedication to perfection and constant innovation with regards to the limitless possibilities of Information Technology.



"To empower our clients and partners by offering uniquely innovative IT solutions and infrastructure.”



"Every person takes the limits of their own field of vision for the limits of the world." 
Arthur Schopenhauer - German philosopher (1788 - 1860)

We believe in taking our customers and partners to a new level; one in which technology plays a major role at the core of their businesses. Our primary aim is to empower them with the tools and expertise required to achieve seamless digital interoperability with all the other business processes.


Media Kit

Download our latest media kit.

The online store is our premiere website that is designed to be a comprehensive version of our retail process on the Internet. It aims to achieve and provide a wholesome ecommerce shopping experience, enabling users to make purchases, payments, ratings, comments, comparisons and have products shipped to them. Our partnership with esteemed global brands ensures continuous supply and offers at competitive rates.

Apart from catering to customers around the GCC, the uniqueness of the site is the ability of the customer to interact and discuss about the products before they even buy them. The support feature on the site emphasizes on providing comprehensive information to the customer before an actual purchase, with queries being dealt with a dedicated sales staff. Through the official blog, which is but one of the many informatory branches of the main site, users are educated of our progress within the organization. It also serves as an enthusiasts' destination, with bouts of experiments, benchmark results, latest news, cooling techniques, over clocking events and much more.

In the fall of 2008, we launched the classifieds, where registered users and our customers can trade in second hand products and services. It is provided as a certified and regulated centre of second hand products in the market, ensuring fair deals and extending the after sale value of products.


Retail Outlet

Our showroom is located in the heart of Manama and is the most vital presence of our retail operations. We are located on Palace Road, Hoora, opposite important landmarks such as the Golden Sands and Asharfs. The showroom is also open to business 6 days a week, in the mornings and the better part of the evening.

Our shelves are stocked with the latest hardware solutions for gamers and enthusiasts. However, we also do cater to specialized and customized requirements of video digital and audio producers, multimedia professionals and animation server farms. The best reviewed and critically rated products on the market find their way into our inventory as soon as they are released globally.


Retail Working Hours

9.00 AM to 1.00 PM
4.00 PM to 8.00 PM


The first online store in the region since 2007.
Shipping for all GCC countries with our logistcs partners.
The first to offer customize as you go shopping features for systems.
Free Shipping to residents in Bahrain.
Secure Credit Card payment system powered by Credimax/Mastercard.
Varity of the world's best components offered for the best prices in the whole region.
Highly skilled technical team available to assist our customers.


ADVANTI Systems Division

The ADVANTI series of computer systems aims to offer systems built on quality and experience, empowering users from different walks of life to achieve their goals of productivity and creativity. By assembling quality components at specified requirements and by competitive pricing, we are able to offer a value greater than our competitors: trust. The philosophy of transparency means that we provide utmost information in the hands of the user, giving him the benefit of choice, instead of restricting them to preset configurations.

Many branded and assembled systems give sparse information and use exaggerated marketing claims in order to push their products. These are usually made with preset components and design of sub-standard quality, to keep costs low and to overprice the end user.

In comparison, we warrant that the price of a product must stand for its quality, its ability to interoperate and be compatible with the rest of the system, as different organs that work seamlessly together to create a life-force.



Most offers or products that are branded often tend to have a fixed configuration that discourages personalization. Some of the components may not even be cutting edge, rather, a low-end product designed to ease mass-production that keeps their costs low, in effect sacrificing performance. Upgrades to the existing package are often offered at high and unjustifiable prices. Hence, such products are rigid in flexibility, unsuitable for interoperability and are notoriously expensive to upgrade and maintain.

At ADVANTI, we offer comprehensive customization options, everything from the case to the optical drive; from the power supply to the graphics card. Every single component can be specialized and our technical advisors will also help you choose the right choice; providing customers with the benefit of hands on technical experience of which components work best with together. By granting wholesome customization, anyone can create their unique system; that matches best with their uses, performance requirements and budgets. Our commitment always begins with the single most absolute attribute: quality over quantity.


Quality Criteria

We build on the tremendous cumulative knowledge of our staff, and over the years we have come to judge the really great components from the average ones. In other words, if we don't like a product or if it fails to meet our expectations, then we don't suggest them to our customers. Our evaluation of a product over time will enable us to determine its suitability for distribution and integration. In this sense, ADVANTI stands in a league of its own, as we are our greatest critics. What we wouldn't buy for our own systems, is what we won't sell as well. It's unfortunate that most manufactures today really don't share these ethics, and provide generic components instead, without evaluating the quality factor.


Service & Support

The biggest advantage of choosing us is our unanimously acclaimed standard of support. Our core values are centered on the essence of service; that the relationship with customers continue even after the completion of the sale. Since the bulk of our business is through word of mouth, we emphasis on the value of comprehensive service throughout our history. We credit our phenomenal repeat business due to our outstanding support services and the dedication of the staff to synchronize and resort all the issues of customers.

 Our ticket system enables customers to post online and seek the technical support of many professionals, all working in co-ordination to provide tips, trouble shooting and guidance. Our relationships with global brands enable seamless and swift RMA solutions to be implemented in the warranty.


International Brands

We are the official channel partners and distributors of global brands such as ASUS, AMD, MUSHKIN, COOLER MASTER, ATI, NVIDIA and SEAGATE in the Middle East. This ensures that all our systems will have components of highest standard, quality and performance at competitive rates. Different systems for various applications such as multimedia production, gaming, enthusiast or family entertainment will all feature products of international standards. We are against unfair trade practices of many of the other firms who bundle generic components in their packages.


Technical Expertise

We have been building high-spec gaming rigs and enthusiast systems for years now, ever since we made Bahrain's first commercially available high performance systems. Our technical expertise has grown manifold to the point that we have compiled an entire internal catalogue of known incompatibilities and numerous faults with various branded products released over the years. Many enthusiasts in the region look up to us as over clocking and liquid cooling experts, and we have enjoyed a cult following as a leader in cutting edge technological integration that is phenomenal in performance and dependability. Our systems are renowned for their professional assembly methodologies, cable routing, cooling management and innovation. The standard of work ethic reflects our goal to ensure that every system sold will be reliable, stable and performance driven. Each system is stress tested, benchmarked and diagnosed for any possible conflicts in hardware compatibility.


ADVANTI Systems Division


Solution Partners

ADVANTI also has exclusive distribution and partnership with the below vendors:



ADVANTI Solutions

The corporate solutions division of ADVANTI is one of the premier and autonomous divisions of the company. The sole mission of the corporate department is to provide peerless business support services and packages aimed solely at the business and industrial sector.
They are designed to empower and provide feasible information technology solutions to companies, in the quest to optimize the productivity, connectivity and synchronization of their combined efforts. The support services are meant to encompass the entire business processes departments in the near future, including networking, maintenance, server architectures etc.

Web / Email Hosting
We provide world class web hosting and professional email services, tailor made and suited to all sorts of businesses of different sizes and volume. Our servers support the latest and predominant internet technologies, protocols and services, providing the user with rich choices and versatility of implementation. The sole objective is to empower organizations with ecommerce and with a strong and intuitive online presence that will be instrumental in reaching out to new audiences around the world, along with expanding facilitative services for current clients.
Various packages enable rich choices and freedom to choose the best plan for companies.

Antivirus Solutions
To satisfy an increasing secure need for corporate data and information, a robust system of data security and integrity is required to facilitate the continued function of most business processes. As an authorized provider and partner of AVAST! Antivirus, we can assure an internationally acclaimed and excellent security solution, custom tailored to suit the demands of today's businesses. Proven to be one of the best in the antivirus department, in proven tests and in countering real world threats, Avast! is the first and only investment any client  will ever require to safeguard their interests and investments.

Content Filtering
Business productivity can sometimes be hampered by excessive freedom, which includes non-regulation of content accessed from the internet that could lead to millions of lost revenue due to bandwidth consumption and reduced employee work hours. By using Content Watch solutions, you can be guaranteed peace of mind by filtering of offensive and obscene content that is inappropriate in the office environment.
It assures you higher employee productivity, appropriate bandwidth usage and filtering of content which could lead to company liability. In the long run, that translates to savings, maximum efficiency and a permanent content solution.



Solution Partners

ADVANTI also has exclusive distribution and partnership with the below vendors:

Kaspersky Logo
Trend Micro



ADVANTI Distribution

ADVANTI® Distribution is the leading distributor of enthusiast hardware, such as graphic cards, motherboards and high performance memory within the Gulf. Being at the forefront of distribution for this niche market, most computer component dealers seek our distribution for the very latest, critically reviewed and innovative products.

Apart from providing a comprehensive business-to-consumer service, we ensure that an open market leads to combined prosperity of the economy and the customer and brings equilibrium and fair market practices to the whole region.

Our business-to-business model revolves around these aspirations. We seek to sanction wholesalers, retailers, traders and vendors with a broad range of products, ease of operation, great RMA and warranty services directly from the manufacturers, flexible logistics in delivery and competitive prices. We also promote marketing via several initiatives and programs that are designed to enable cross promotion and mutual collaboration.


  • Distributors with a collection of high end brands. As a partner, you can benefit in the variety of wares provided, in building a unique and quality systems and overall infrastructure. A comprehensive range of products under one roof leads to an expansive variety of products and price benefits.
  • As a channel partner, you benefit from the brand promotions, assimilation into ADVANTI branded systems; fast channel of promotion and other benefits in distributing your products and services into the market swiftly.
  • Login as dealer to conveniently access dealership prices and information on, hassle free and instant orders and supplies, and ease and feasibility of payment options and many more.
  • RMA is a transparent process and is a hassle free procedure; as emphasis is laid on swift response and process of exchange of defective goods due to manufacturing process. Our well places sources in the various logistics enable swift and accurate transition of goods from port to port and across many countries.
  • As a long term partner, you can be guaranteed of price protection and various other cumulative benefits that will enable you to get the best benefits and continuous support.




ADVANTI also has exclusive distribution and partnership with the below vendors:

Intel EVGA AeroCool
Sapphire Technology Corsair Cooler Master
AMD Asus Patriot
nVIDIA Mushkin Enhanced Razer
Noctua Thermaltake Antec
The Feser Company Seagate Western Digital

New Vendors

We always seek and welcome new innvovative brands that adds value to our distribution business.


New Customers

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Contact Us

ADVANTI Advanced Technologies International W.L.L.
P.O. Box 18707, Manama
Kingdom of Bahrain

Address: W-76, Palace Avenue, Hoora 306, Bahrain.

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